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Yiming Qin

2021 Master of Social Work, Beijing Normal University

2019 Bachelor of Social Work, Henan Normal University

Research experiences:

1.Effectiveness of a school-based,cognitive behavioral therapy for Chinese children with posttraumatic stress symptoms: a randomized controlled trial, Beijing Normal University

2.Effectiveness of culturally adapted Parent Management Training-Oregon model (PMTO) intervention in children with externalized behavior problems in China: a randomized controlled trial,Beijing Normal University

3.Digital mental health intervention for Children’s Mental Immunity and Family Education,Beijing Normal University


  1. Liru Gao, Yiming Qin, Zhiyong Qu, A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Evidence-based Therapy Based on Behavioral Parent Training Group in Alleviating Chinese Children with Symptoms of Externalized Behavior Problems, Chinese Journal Of Child Health Care,2023,31(09):957-962.

  2. Hu Jieren, Yiming Qin, A Study on the Fear of Marriage among Contemporary Youth from the Perspective of Psychoanalytic Theory——Based on the Analysis of the Inner Monologue of People Fearing Marriage in “Zhihu,” Journal of East China University of Science and Technology(Social Science Edition), 2021(4):91-102. ·

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