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Open Positions
Postdoc fellow, Graduate student, Research assistant, Research intern

We are currently recruiting postdoc fellow, graduate student, research assistant and research intern with a research background in public health, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computer science, bioinformatics, bioengineering and other related areas. Anticipated research will be conducted related to mood disorders’ etiological mechanism and suicidal behaviour in the youth population, followed by intervention development through modelling and computing. We also focused on gender dysphoria in the youth population, especially in its neurological and epidemiological characteristics. Thus, applicants are expected to have the skills listed below to work effectively in our team. Familiarize with at least one type of statistical analysis software (STATA, MATLAB, R, SAS, SPSS), and individuals with research experience in computation and modelling like machine learning, networking modelling reinforcement learning, and Bayesian modelling is preferred. Applicants with published work in areas like psychiatry, psychology and public health are preferred. In addition, our current team members consist of researchers from a wide range of academic background, including clinical medicine, psychiatry, applied psychology, neuroscience and language science, graduating from worldwide institutions. The applicants must have superior academic English writing and communication skills.

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