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Yifan Qin

2020 Master of Sports Science, Shenzhen university

2016 Bachelor of Sports Rehabilitation, Hebei Normal University


  1. Qin, Yifan; Ren, Zhanbing; Wu, JinLong; Liu, Bowen; Lin, Xiang; Yang, Ying; Zhang, Hui; Chen, Jinmei; Xiao, Wen; Huang, Anbing. The Effects Of Mindfulness Interventions On Self-efficacy: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis: 2466. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: September 2022 - Volume 54 - Issue 9S - p 466-467.

  2. Qin Y, Wu J, Xiao W, et al. Machine Learning Models for Data-Driven Prediction of Diabetes by Lifestyle Type[J]. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2022, 19(22): 15027.

  3. Qin Yifan, Ren Zhanbing. Visualization Analysis of Domestic Marathon Events Based on CiteSpace[J]. Sports Science and Technology, 2022, 43(04): 19-23.

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