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Quan Zhang

2022-Current Ph.d. candidate, Vanke school of public health, Tsinghua University

2018 Master of Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014 Bachelor of Psychology, Southwest Minzu University

Research experiences:

Digital mobile app mental health intervention

Virtual reality mental health intervention


  1. Lin, Y., Xie, H., Huang, Z., Zhang, Q., Wilson, A., Hou, J., Zhao, X., Wang, Y., Pan, B., & Liu, Y. (2021). The mental health of transgender and gender non-conforming people in China: A systematic review. The Lancet Public Health, 6(12), e954–e969.

  2. Zhang, Q. & Liu, Z. (2021). Smartphone Addiction Proneness Scale for Adolescents – Chinese Version: revision and evaluation on reliability and validity. Chinese Journal of Public Health, 37(7), 1149–1152.

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