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​Meng Han,Ph.D.

2022-Current Postdoctoral Fellow (Tsinghua Vanke Young Scholar)

2022 Ph.D. in Psychology, Peking University

2015 Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Lanzhou University

Research experiences:

  1. Self Esteem Enhancement and Mental Health Promotion Program, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Group Intervention Associate Therapist.

  2. A randomized controlled study of group cognitive behavior therapy on generalized anxiety disorder, Peking University Sixth Hospital, Group Intervention Associate Therapist/Evaluator.

  3. The effect of additional stimuli on attention arousal in children with ADHD, The School of Health Humanities, Co-investigator.

  4. The evaluation of gender identity and minority stress for transgender women, Department of Medical Psychology, The School of Health Humanities, Co-investigator.

  5. Online intervention program to promote mental health help for sexually and gender-diverse youth groups, Vanke School of Public Health, Tsinghua University, Co-investigator.​



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