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Zhijun Wu, Ph.D.

2023 PhD in Psychology, Captical Normal University

2018 MD in Psychology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

2014 Bachelor of Psychology, Xinzhou Normal University

Research experiences:

  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China General Project “Research on the Development of Problem Behaviors in Early Childhood and Causal Mechanisms: From Behavioral Synchrony of Mother-child Interaction to Physiological and Neural Synchrony, 31971006”;

  2. National Natural Science Foundation of China General Project “The influence of facial race perception experience on infants' social processing development, 31771233”;

  3. Ministry of Science and Technology of China Major Project “Chinese Child Brain development”



  1. Wu, Z. J., Wang, Z. Y*, & Wang, Q. (2021). The neuroscience of motor development: the future path and layout. Scientia Sinica Vitae, 51, 619–633. doi: 10.1360/SSV-2020-0242

  2. Liu, S.Y.*, Wu, Z. J., Chen, X. F., & Li, Q. G. (2018). The relative-age effect in children self-esteem development: A longitudinal study. Chinese Journal of Applied Psychology, 24(1), 8. doi:10.3969/j.issn.1006-6020.2018.01.002

  3. Cheng, N. H., Ruan, X. J., Wu, Z. J., Yue, X. D., & Wang, Z. Y*. (2023). The effect of maternal empathy on infants’ attachment security: Moderation by maternal emotion regulation and infant temperament. PsyCh Journal, 1–11. doi:10. 1002/pchj.631

  4. Liu, S.Y.*, Quinn, P. C., Xiao, N.G., Wu, Z. J., Liu, G. X., & Lee, K. (2018). Relations between scanning and recognition of own- and other-race faces in 6- and 9-month-old infants: Face scanning-recognition relations in infants. PsyCh Journal,7,92-102. doi: 10.1002/pchj.211

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