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Kunxu Liu

2021 Bachelor of Liberal Art, Psychology, 
Franklin&Marshall college

Research experiences:

1. CBT-based digital mental health serious game for depression

2. Cohort study of Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy

3. Virtual reality cbt-based therapy to improve mental health outcomes and self-harm behaviors

4. Ecological momentary assessment of emotion and social interactions during Chinese Festival


1. Lei, C., Qu, D., Liu, K., & Chen, R. (2023). Ecological momentary  assessment and machine learning for predicting suicidal ideation among sexual and gender minority individuals. JAMA network open, 6(9), e2333164-e2333164.

2. Han, M., Wang, Y., Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., Ou, J., Ren, D., Cai C., Liu, K... & Chen, R. (2023). A multicomponent digital intervention to promote help-seeking for mental health problems and suicide in sexual and gender diverse young adults: A randomized controlled trial. Plos Medicine, 20(3), e1004197.

3. Ren, D., Wang, Y., Han, M., Zhang, Y., Cai, C., Liu, K., ... & Chen, R. (2022). Internet-based interventions to promote help-seeking for mental health in LGBTQ+ young adults: protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Internet Interventions, 28, 100524.

4. Qu, D., Liu, D., Cai, C., Zhang, X., Yu, J., Zhang, Q., Liu, K... & Chen, R. (2023). Process model of emotion regulation-based digital intervention for emotional problems. Digital Health, 9, 20552076231187476.

5. Qu, D., Liu, D., Cai, C., Yu, J., Zhang, Q., Liu, K., ... & Chen, R. (2022). Process Model of Emotion Regulation-Based Digital Intervention for Emotional Problems: A mixed methods feasibility study. medRxiv, 2022-11.

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