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Huagen Wang, Ph.D.

2022-Current Postdoctoral Fellow (Tsinghua Vanke Young Scholar)

2022 PhD in Psychology, Beijing Normal University (State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning)

2016 Bachelor of Psychology, South China Normal University

Research experiences:

1. National Key R&D Program Key Project "Multi-Strategy Abnormal Psychology and Behavior Objective Identification Technology".
2. National Social Science Fund Major Project "Interdisciplinary Research on Psychology, Brain and Artificial Intelligence of Chinese Moral Cognition and Emotional Characteristics".
3. The National Natural Science Foundation of China key project "The Cognitive Neural Computing Mechanism of the Occurrence and Development of Anxiety Susceptibility".
4. National Natural Science Foundation of China General Project "Research on the Brain Mechanism and Development of Moral-Related Social Emotions".
5. National Natural Science Foundation of China youth project "Research on the cognitive neural mechanism of group moral decision-making under multi-person interaction".



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2. H Wang, R Zhu, Z Zhen, S Qin*, C Liu*. (2022). Help or punishment: Acute stress moderates basal testosterone's association with prosocial behavior. Stress. 25(1):179-188

3. H Wang, S Zhang, S Wu, S Qin*, C Liu*. (2022). The cortisol awakening response and testosterone jointly affect adolescents’ theory of mind. Hormones and behavior.  146(6):105258

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6. Zhu, R., Xu, Z., Tang, H., Liu, J., Wang, H., An, Y., Mai, X., Liu, C. (2019). The effect of shame on anger at others: Awareness of the emotion-causing events matters. Cognition and Emotion, 33, 696–708.

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