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Dongyang Chen

2022 Msc of Clinical psychology, Capital Medical University

2019 Bachelor of Psychology, Xinyang Normal University

Research experiences: 

1. Grading questionnaire for non-suicidal self-injury behavior of young people and related factors;

2. Developed gatekeeper training program in preventing suicide among Chinese adolescents

3. tDCS and prosocial intention to improve prospective memory and mechanism exploration in schizophrenia;

4. Effects of trauma on psychotic experiences and its EMDR interventions;


  1. Chen, D. Y., Wang, Q., Yang, N. B., Qin, X. J., Li, H., Hou, W. P., ... & Wang, C. Y. (2023). The deficient cue monitoring and the facilitating effect of prosocial intention on prospective memory in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Schizophrenia, 9(1), 33.

  2. Zhao, J., Chen, D. Y., Li, X. B., Xi, Y. J., Verma, S., Zhou, F. C., & Wang, C. Y. (2023). EMDR versus waiting list in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis with post-traumatic stress symptoms: A randomized controlled trial. Schizophrenia Research, 256, 1-7.

  3. Qu, D., Wen, X., Liu, B., Zhang, X., He, Y., Chen, D., ... & Chen, R. (2023). Non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese population: a scoping review of prevalence, method, risk factors and preventive interventions. The Lancet Regional Health–Western Pacific.

  4. Chen, D. Y., Zhou, F. C., & Wang, C. Y. (2022). The significance of prosocial intentions and behaviors in psychiatric research. Journal of Psychiatry, 35 (01) : 85-88.

  5. Zhao, J., Lu, X. H., Liu, Y., Wang, N., Chen, D. Y., Lin, I. A., ... & Wang, C. Y. (2022). The unique contribution of past bullying experiences to the presence of psychosis-like experiences in university students. Frontiers in psychiatry, 13.

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