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Diyang Qu, Ph.D.

2022-Current Postdoctoral Fellow (Tsinghua Vanke Young Scholar)

2022 Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong

2017 MS.c in Developmental disorder clinical practice,The university of York

2015 BS.c,the university of Essex Psychology


Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar (清华水木学者)

The Postdoctoral International Exchange Program (博士后国际交流计划引进项目)


The 73th China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2023, PI)

Humanity and Social Science Youth foundation of Ministry of Education of China (2022, CI)

Young Scientists Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2019, CI)


Key Publications: 

  1. Qu, D., Feng, Y., Wen, X., & Chen, R. (2023). The effect of interoceptive awareness as the underlying mechanism between anxiety and NSSI behaviors. Journal of Affective Disorders Reports, 100598.

  2. Qu, D., Wen, X., Liu, B., Zhang, X., He, Y., Chen, D., ... & Chen, R. (2023). Non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese population: a scoping review of prevalence, method, risk factors and preventive interventions. The Lancet Regional Health–Western Pacific.

  3. Qu, D., Chen, B., Liu, I. K. F., Kouros, C. D., & Yu, N. X. (2023). Variations in Adaptation Profiles Among Chinese Immigrant Mothers and Their Children: A Dyadic Latent Profile Analysis. Journal of Happiness Studies, 24(4), 1397-1418.

  4. Zhao, Y*., Qu, D*., Chen, S., & Chi, X. (2023). Network analysis of internet addiction and depression among Chinese college students during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study. Computers in Human Behavior, 138, 107424. (SSCI, JCR Q1)

  5. Meng, L*., Qu, D*., Bu, H., Huo, L., Qi, L., Yang, J., ... & Zhou, Y. (2022). The psychosocial correlates of Non-suicidal Self-Injury within a sample of adolescents with mood disorder. Frontiers in Public Health, 10.

  6. Hou, X., Wang, G., Wang, H., Liu, J., Liu, W., Ji, S., ... Qu, D#., & Hu, J#. (2022). Which came first? Bulimia and emotional symptoms: A cross-lagged panel analysis. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 22(3), 100320.

  7. Qu, D., Wang, Y., Zhang, Z., Meng, L., Zhu, F., Zheng, T., ... & Zhou, Y. (2021). Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Functional Assessment of Self-Mutilation (FASM) in Chinese clinical adolescents. Frontiers in psychiatry, 12.

  8. Qu, D., Huang, J., Kouros, C. D. & Yu, N. X*. (2021), Dyadic effects of fluid mindset on psychological growth in immigrant mothers and their children: Indirect effect of resilience. Family Process. Advance online publication

  9. Qu, D., Chen, C., Kouros, C. D. & Yu, N. X*. (2021). Congruence and discrepancy in migrant children and mothers’ perceived discrimination: Using response surface analysis to examine the effects on psychological distress. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. Advance online publication.

  10. Qu, D., Huang, J., Yu, N. X., Hui, L. L., & Kouros, C. D*. (2021). Association between mother–adolescent relationship quality and subjective well-being: Resilience resources as a mediating factor among Hong Kong Chinese adolescents. Journal of Child and Family Studies. Advance online publication.

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