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​Bowen Liu

2022 Master of Psychology, Beijing Forestry University

2020 Bachelor of Laws, Yan Shan University

Research experiences:

  1. Developing School Prevention and Intervention Gatekeeper Programs

  2. Developing Real-time monitoring and Intervention


  1. Qu, D.*, Wen, X.*, Liu, B.*, Zhang, X., He, Y., Chen, D., ... & Chen, R. (2023). Non-suicidal self-injury in Chinese population: a scoping review of prevalence, method, risk factors and preventive interventions. The Lancet Regional Health–Western Pacific

  2. Liu, B., Yang, Y., Geng, J., Cai, T., Zhu, M., Chen, T., & Xiang, J. (2022). Harsh Parenting and Children’s Aggressive Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model. International journal of environmental research and public health, 19(4), 2403.

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