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Liying Che

B. S., Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Research experiences:

1.  A study of the intervention effectiveness of emotion-themed books in enhancing emotion regulation in children with autism spectrum disorders;

2.  Parenting Emotion Relationship.


1. Xu, J., Zhang Y., LAM, T., Che, L., Song, M., & Han, Z. R. (2023). Parent-child attachment and children’s depressive symptoms: The role of children’s biological sensitivity and parental gender differences. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 55(3), 469-480. [In Chinese]

2. Xu, J., Che, L., Song, M., An Y., & Han, Z. R. (in-prep). Patterns of Parental Responses to Child Negative Emotions and Children’s Emotional Functioning: A Latent Profile Analysis with Multi-Methods.

3. Che, L., Lin, L., Zou N., & Fan, F. (in-prep). Impact of Mindfulness-based art therapy on creativity and mindfulness disposition.

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