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Zhen Zhang

M.Ed., Applied Psychology, Wuhan University

B.Eng., Navigation Engineering, Wuhan University

Research experiences:

1.  Analysis of Factors Influencing Reproductive Intentions of Residents in Four East Asian Regions

2. The Impact of Machine Trust on Reproduction Intentions

3. Credamo Elite Psychology Competition; Project title: How divination influences goal commitment


1. Zhang, Z., Zhang, J., & Yu, Z. (in-press). Frontiers in emotion psychology from the perspective of social comparison. Annual Report of Overseas Humanities and Social Sciences, 2022. Wuhan University Press. [In Chinese]

2. Zhang, Z., Yu, Z., Dang, J., Schiöth, H. B., & Zhong, N. (ready to submit). Boredom predicts reduced virus-prevention thoughts and behaviors: The potential moderated mediating roles of self-control and age.

3. Zhang, Z., Wang, M., & Yu, Z. (in-prep). Boredom: An updated review (in Chinese).

4. Zhang, Z., Yu, Z., Dang, J., Tong, E. M. W., & Schiöth, H. B. (in-prep). Mindfulness predicts reduced depletion sensitivity via cognitive reappraisal.

5. Zhu, Q., Yang, L., Zhang, Z. & Liu, Y. (under review). Compensatory effects of social-emotional competency on depression triggered by stressful life events in Chinese adolescents: A mediated moderation model.

6. Li, R., Zhang, Z., Yu, Z., & Tsikandilakis, M. (in-prep). Inducing awe: A mean differences and method of induction moderator meta-analysis between awe and neutral emotional self-reports.

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